Our mission is to help restore your credit for a better financial future

Your Success Is Our Success

Ultimately, your happiness is important to us.  We love hearing about how much your life has improved after using our services.  Believe it or not, we don't want you staying in our program for a long time or returning back to us later down the road.  We try to build a strong credit foundation that you can build your life on.

They are very responsive, respectful, and knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with the level of service I received for the value. I highly recommend using them.

Monika E.

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Their services are unparalleled and their nonjudgmental relationships with their clients is a two prong approach to being compassionate, while accomplishing the goals required.

Justin H.

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You will never find anyone who will work harder than this company. They truly care about others. Will recommend to everyone i possibly can.

Dylan S.

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Where It Started


Brent Baumann and Kayci Baumann

Brent graduated with a Finance degree from the University of South Florida and realized very quickly that money, credit, and budgeting is not taught in school or college. Kayci has a Business degree and worked for many years underwriting mortgages and noticed a similar trend. They both had their Florida Real Estate License and came across many people who needed guidance and help with their credit. The move to Cincinnati from Tampa was easy, as they wanted to be closer to family prior to officially starting the company. This society is very much credit-based and they strongly felt they needed to help guide people towards a better financial future. Many years of experience and research went into creating Lynx Credit Repair to the company it is now. It's the only credit repair company that actually helps improve the lives of their clients by rebuilding their past credit history and by offering budgeting services. They created a wonderful team and company that reflects their culture and ethics and their clients couldn't be happier. They love helping their local community and opened several offices throughout the country to try to help other communities with rebuilding their credit and budgeting their finances each month. The entire team loves what they do and prove to be very good at it.